But Some of Us Like to Watch Debates

Did you host a Gubernatorial debate watch party this weekend?  It was lively and interesting, if you watched it online.  Or maybe you chose to listen to it on the radio.  It was not aired on broadcast TV.  It was also scheduled for Sunday afternoon.  Oh, and it’s the only debate scheduled.  It almost makes one wonder if Governor Gavin Newsom only agreed to debate Senator Brian Dahle, if the debate would get almost no attention.

A big thanks to KQED for hosting the debate.  Most people acknowledge that Newsom will win reelection in a few days, yet debates are important, as is holding elected officials accountable even if they’re a shoo-in.  The debate did make news and the entire hour is available to watch online.  

Newsom and his campaign have appeared almost disinterested in the race probably because he is not worried about his re-election bid.  CalMatters said “Gov. Gavin Newsom has barely even acknowledged his own campaign for re-election” in their post-debate story, which is an interesting read.  In a few editions, Calpeek has pointed out that Newsom’s campaign is arguably, not campaigning.  At least, not for Governor.  

One bit of new information we got from the debate – Newsom pledged to serve a full-four year term, if re-elected in November.  That should end any speculation that Newsom is planning on running for President.  Politicians never go back on their pledges.

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