Is Gavin Newsom taking on Joe Biden?

We are talking again about Governor Gavin Newsom’s campaign for, well, um, Governor?  Anyone who follows California politics or reads Calpeek knows that the Governor’s re-election campaign has been lackluster at best.  Newsom’s attention has been on the national stage while he denies he is running for president.

Recently, Newsom has been traveling the country and criticizing potential 2024/2028 Republican presidential rivals.  Last week, the focus appeared to shift as Newsom seems to have lobbed a few zingers at the current White House occupant.  

Newsom said President Joe Biden is “hardwired for a different world,” according to the Sacramento Bee.  “Newsom said that while Biden ‘wants to compromise, he wants to find our better angels, and he wants to find that sweet spot in terms of answering our collective vision and values but that’s not how the system is designed.’ The 2022 political world is very different, the governor said.”

So the questions buzzing around the water cooler are: is Newsom prepared to take on a sitting president of his own party?  Is he laying the groundwork to oppose Vice President Kamala Harris?  Does he love attention and will say whatever will get his name in the newspapers? 

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