The Latest From Governor “I’m Not Running for President” Gavin Newsom…

For a man not running for President, Gavin Newsom sure is busy increasing his national presence and jabbing Republicans like only a California Governor can.   This week, Newsom was found on the East Coast to participate in the 14th annual Climate Week NYC.  The event highlighted different climate change solutions – the perfect national platform for Newsom to show off the bills he’s signed and steps he’s taken to reduce emissions and make the Golden State the Green State. 

As if that stage wasn’t large enough, Newsom also rolled out 18 new billboards touting California as a reproductive health care haven according to CalMatters.  The billboards carry messages such as “Need an abortion?  California is ready to help” and directs those in Indiana, Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota and Texas to a state website that provides details on how to find a healthcare provider.  

And finally, it appears that Newsom is willing to take to the podium to debate his Republican opponent Senator Brian Dahle.  Being that Dahle doesn’t stand much of a chance to win over the state’s majority of Democratic voters, those at the water cooler are thinking this is just the Governor’s way of getting the added airtime to talk about all he’s doing within and beyond the state’s borders.  

The fun exchange over debates came when Newsom called on the U.S. DOJ to investigate Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ shipping of 50 South American migrants to Martha’s Vineyard to make a political statement regarding border policies.  DeSantis quickly responded by saying that Newsom’s hair gel must be interfering with his brain function.  Governor “I’m Not Running for President But Have Great Hair” Newsom then challenged Governor “Well, I’m Positioning Myself to Run And I Have Great Hair Too” DeSantis to a debate.  Although a debate would be interesting, bets around the watercooler are whether the two highly coiffed men will be greeting each other with the famous Drag Queen quote: “Love Your Hair, Hope You Win.”  

On a serious note, according to NPR, the migrants (who were sadly used as political pawns) were flown from San Antonio to Martha’s Vineyard with a stopover in Florida and were not told about their final destination, but were promised a chance at jobs and a better life.

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