Dreams of Cruising Sunk Faster than Titanic

Those standing around the water cooler blame heat and humidity for the hyperbole in the title.  We are sad to report that the Napa Valley Cruise has canceled all upcoming excursions.  The 8-day river cruise, which Calpeek discussed last year, was expensive and sailed “on the lavish American Jazz cruise ship” according to a story in SFGate.  The itinerary changed at times but planned stops in San Francisco, Stockton, Vallejo, Sacramento, and Napa.  A spokesperson told SFGate they have no cruises currently scheduled, but hope to have some in the future.  It’s a fun idea, but the $6,000 price tag might have been the problem.  A lower ticket price and those standing around the cooler would be booking a vacation.


The Devil in the Details

The California Republican Party’s Executive Committee has changed the process for a presidential candidate to receive party delegates that had lasted for two decades and based on allocating delegates by each congressional district, per a story in the L.A. Times.  Now, the process awards all the delegates to a candidate who receives over 50% of the vote in the primary election.  This new process almost assures the Trump campaign will receive all the delegates and shuts out the opposition.  According to the L.A. Times,  former California Republican Party Political Director Mike Madrid, said “The Republican Party has completely removed itself from any sort of ideological or policy discussion. It has taken on the characteristics of an authoritarian movement.”  For those who don’t like the change, those standing around the water cooler suggest organizing within the party structure because that is how these types of process changes are made.  


Despite Report on Anaheim Cabal, City Will Host CRP

As Calpeek readers know, a 2022 corruption scandal rocked the home of the Happiest Place on Earth resulting in resignations, indictments, and guilty pleas.  The City of Anaheim paid an outside firm to investigate and they concluded that there was a “potential criminal conspiracy”.  The L.A. Times has details on the 353-page report released on Monday.  Ironically, or not, the California Republican Party is scheduled to hold its September convention in Anaheim, according to the Orange County Register.  As mentioned in the previous Peek, thanks to a rule change, the Trump campaign is expected to receive all the state’s delegates at the March primary.  This should make for some interesting discussions at the convention.  Please contact Calpeek, if you have any details to share.  


Newspaper Calls it Quits and Leaves Staff without Pay

In an all-too familiar move these days, another newspaper calls it quits.  The Santa Barbara News-Press which has been reporting news for more than 150 years is closing its doors declaring bankruptcy in a Chapter 7 filing by Ampersand Publishing, LLC.  As shared by the Santa Barbara Independent, the paper was originally known as the weekly Santa Barbara Post when founded in 1868 and went on to be the recipient of a Pulitzer Prize in 1962.  The filing is not for reorganization, but instead for liquidation.  According to an email to staff, the Managing Editor wrote: “I have some bad news.  Wendy (McCaw) filed for bankruptcy on Friday.  All of our jobs are eliminated, and the News-Press has stopped publishing.  They ran out of money to pay us.  They will issue final paychecks when the bankruptcy is approved in court.”  Scandal plagued McCaw, worth nearly ½ a billion dollars in 1997, had bought the paper in 2000.  Sixteen years later, McCaw had cut the paper’s staff by 90%.   


Politicians Play with Barbie

As reported by the New York Times, politicians from Representative Matt Gaetz, Ben Shapiro, Senator Ted Cruz, and Elon Musk, to Governors Gretchen Whitmer and Gavin Newsom, are playing with Barbie and twisting her arms and legs in all directions to capitalize on the box-office hit.  According to Musk, he “took a tequila shot every time Barbie said patriarchy…only just woke up.”  Gaetz stated that “The Barbie I grew up with was a representation of limitless possibilities, embracing diverse careers and feminine empowerment. The 2023 Barbie movie, unfortunately, neglects to address any notion of faith or family, and tries to normalize the idea that men and women can’t collaborate positively (yuck).”  Meanwhile, Governor Newsom hailed the ways in which Barbie embraces California.  Besides being from Malibu, Newsom pointed out that she represents California values, including championing climate activism, hitting the roads in her electric vehicle, and destigmatizing mental health care.  Regardless of how Barbie may be bent and twisted to fit a political viewpoint, at the end of it, Barbie is the one banking millions and proving that Pink is the new Green ($).


DeSantis Agrees to Debate Newsom – But Why?

According to KCRA 3, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis agreed to debate “I’m not running for President” California Governor Gavin Newsom on the Sean Hannity show.  “Absolutely, I’m game” stated DeSantis.  Newsom’s campaign responded with November 8th or 10th as potential dates.  Newsom’s camp said that it’s been challenging the Florida governor for months now.  As to why they would debate is perhaps the biggest mystery given that they’re not contenders for the same political seat…unless Newsom has something he wants to share with us???


Note to Julie Su: Maybe the Garcetti’s Could Help

As reported in Politico, Julie Su, the acting U.S. Labor Secretary who has been awaiting confirmation for roughly five months, could continue in her role even though her Senate confirmation remains questionable.  Unlike other nominees who are subject to a time limit by a federal vacancy rule, Politico reports that a Labor Department rule allows Su to serve in the acting capacity indefinitely.  Although Su has set a record for having the longest pending nomination of a Cabinet-level official when the White House and the Senate were controlled by the same party, it still falls far short of the time it took Eric Garcetti to receive his confirmation to serve as Ambassador to India.  Peekers may recall that it was with the help of his parents, Gil and Sukey Garcetti, who hired a D.C. lobbyist, that the now-Ambassador was successful in obtaining his appointment.  While we recognize Su’s appointment is different from that of Ambassador Garcetti’s, those of us around the watercooler might suggest that Julie Su reach out to the Garcetti’s.  It seems they know someone who might be able to help.


Court Reporters Not Turning Over Transcripts

Those standing around the water cooler do not understand what’s going on in the case of Andre Spicer vs Isaac Galvan, currently playing out in L.A. County Superior Court, but we are fascinated.  Based on information from the latest hearing, it sounds like the court is also confused.  Apparently, two court reporters have refused to turn over transcripts and the court issued bench warrants, but now the matter has been postponed until September.  The case centers around the 2021 election where Spicer and Galvan were candidates for Compton City Council.  Galvan was originally declared the winner, but fraud was alleged.  Then in 2022, a court ruled that four votes were illegally cast for Galvan.  Since Galvan had only led by three votes, Spicer was declared the winner by one vote.  Thanks to 2UrbanGirls.com for keeping us apprised of the details.  We look forward to learning more.


Remembering Raimundo

While all of us around the water cooler were away on our summer recess, the world lost Jeff Raimundo. Jeff was a great human that spent most of his lifetime contributing to California politics. Some of us around the water cooler had the incredible privilege of working with him. There has been an outpouring of amazing tributes to Jeff, and we wanted to point them out to highlight Jeff’s contributions to California and to remember a life well lived. 

From Jeff’s Facebook: 

Jeff’s Obituary, which was published Sunday (7/23/23) in the Sacramento Bee: https://www.legacy.com/…/name/jeffery-raimundo-obituary

Steve Swatt in Capitol Weekly created a wonderful tribute, Remembering Jeff: https://capitolweekly.net/remembering-jeff-raimundo/

The Bee also published an article on Jeff’s passing, Jeff Raimundo, beloved former Bee journalist and Sacramento political consultant, dies at 77: https://www.sacbee.com/…/obituaries/article277329518.html

Paving the Way – Women’s Struggle for Political Equality in California, a book Jeff co-authored, will be sold at his Celebration of Life and proceeds donated to Cottage Housing, to assist unsheltered persons in achieving self-sustainability. Jeff was former Executive Director and Board President of Cottage Housing.

A funeral Mass will be at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 5, in the chapel at St. Mary’s Cemetery, 6509 Fruitridge Road, Sacramento. (Immediately turn left upon entering the cemetery grounds.) Viewing will be the night before, on Friday, Aug. 4, from 5-8 p.m. with recitation of the Rosary at 6 p.m.

Jeff’s celebration of life will be held from 3-6 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 5, at Sacramento State’s Alumni Center, located on College Town Drive at the back of the university campus. (A program will begin about 3:45 p.m.) Parking is free for those attending and a map is in the comments. Jeff was a graduate of Sacramento State and editor of its student newspaper, The State Hornet. In Jeff style, we want to come together for laughter, hugs and good stories. Hawaiian shirts are welcome.

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