Will He or Won’t He?

Less than 24-hours after the polls closed, speculation around a possible presidential run by Governor Gavin Newsom started in earnest.  As Calpeek has discussed, Newsom has spent the last few months running for re-election in California by traveling to other states and making media appearances.  Newsom has repeatedly stated that he is not running for President.  He has also promised to serve his full 4-year term in the Governor’s office.

However, as Josh Koehn with the San Francisco Standard writes, “We could take him at his word. We could be wary of presuming what lurks in the mind of a slick career politician. Or, we could choose to live in reality.”  The story includes interviews with people who know Newsom and who were asked about his future intentions.  Explaining why Newsom might have some challenges ahead, former Assembly Speaker and San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown said “Gavin doesn’t exactly cultivate friendships.”  

On Wednesday, Reuters wrote about the possible 2024 presidential contenders.  Newsom was one of 10 possible candidates listed.  “Newsom, 55, has already contacted potential donors and staff in case Biden decides not to run, according to two sources familiar with those efforts. He is not expected to challenge Biden.”  

President Joe Biden says he plans to run for re-election, but will make a final decision early next year.  

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