“Lo-rain-a” Gonzalez Sworn In As Leader of Labor Fed

As Calpeek shared in March, foul-mouthed Latina troublemaker Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher who dislikes being called Lo-rain-a (instead of Lo-wren-a), has been sworn in as the secretary-treasurer of the California Labor Federation.  As reported by the San Diego Union-Tribune, the former San Diego Assemblymember who stepped down six months ago from the legislature officially took the helm of the organization at its convention in San Francisco.  Gonzalez Fletcher said that she plans to focus on expanding union representation throughout the state and announced that the United Farm Workers will affiliate with the Fed after a twenty-year hiatus.  To double down on its commitment to workers, the Fed also announced its proposed package of legislative bills intended to protect farmworkers and fast-food workers and to allow staff in the state Capitol to unionize.  She is the first woman and person of color to lead the Fed and filled the shoes of retiring long-time secretary treasurer, Art Pulaski.  And don’t forget, it’s “Lo-rain-a” not “Lo-wren-a”.

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