A New Guardian of the Union Galaxy – Coming this Summer!

Foul-mouthed Latina troublemaker who dislikes being called Lo-rain-a (instead of Lo-wren-a), is how Lorena Gonzalez was described in an LA Times piece that reads more like an introduction of a new Marvel character coming to a theater near you this summer.  Gonzalez, who announced her resignation from the State Assembly in January, will be taking over the reins of the California Labor Federation this July when long-time executive-secretary treasurer, Art Pulaski, hangs up his cape and steps down.  In her new role as Guardian of the Union Galaxy, Gonzalez will be using her lasso of truth and telepathic superpowers to fight toxic employers on behalf of 2.1 million California union workers across 1,200 unions.  Get your tickets now!  And don’t forget, it’s pronounced “Lo-wren-a”.

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