Update from last week – Controller’s race has IEs

Thanks to an observant Peeker, Calpeek was notified of an Independent Expenditure Committee in support of State Controller candidate Lanhee Chen.  In last week’s edition, we said there were no IEs in the Controller’s race.

Campaign finance reports are available online at the Secretary of State’s Cal-Access site.  For those who routinely use the site, you know it’s antiquated, buggy, and often annoying.  The IE in support of Chen is not found when clicking the button: “Late Independent Expenditures Affecting This Candidate”.  However, it can be found by searching for committees that include Chen’s name.  

This is another example of why observant Peekers are so important.  Please ContactUs@calpeek.com when you see information that we should share.  

Californians Supporting Lanhee Chen for Controller 2022 Committee is the IE supporting Chen.  It spent $68,703.51 on campaign consultants and finance compliance as of April 23.  There are no signs of actual voter contact programs.  The committee still had over $90,000 cash on hand.  We will need to wait and see where and how that gets spent.

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