$$$ – Campaign Finance Reports Are the Best Read in Town – State Controller Edition

As Calpeek has previously stated, the State Controller’s race is getting interesting.  And now we have numbers on the number crunchers.  Below are some details on the candidates’ fundraising, spending, and cash on hand all of which tells us a little about the candidates’ strategy and viability.  

The reporting period is January 1 – April 23, 2022.  There are no significant Independent Expenditures as of now.  There are five viable and funded candidates: Lanhee Chen (R), Board of Equalization Member Malia Cohen (D), L.A. City Controller Ron Galperin (D), State Senator Steve Glazer (D), and Monterey Park Mayor Yvonne Yiu (D).  

Cohen and Yiu both have about $1 million in the bank.  Galperin has half that amount.  Glazer has a tiny amount unless he transfers funds from his Senate Committee which currently has $1.7 million in the bank.  Chen’s report requires someone with good math skills to figure out exactly what he has available to spend for June.  Chen’s reports show $1.8 million in the bank, but a large amount of those funds were raised for the General Election and cannot be spent on the Primary campaign.  Chen’s donors must feel confident that he will be one of the top-two winners advancing to November’s General Election.


Chen for Controller Committee

Raised – $687,922

Spent – $239,095

Cash on hand – $1,799,129 

Almost all of Chen’s donors are individuals.  


Cohen for Controller Committee

Raised – $269,566

Spent – $133,296 

Cash on hand -$1,096,650


A significant amount of Cohen’s support comes from labor unions.  She also has various companies, organizations, and individuals donating.


Galperin for State Controller Committee

Raised – $916,017

Spent – $456,523 

Cash on hand – $473,986 

Galperin loaned his campaign $100,000.  Similar to Cohen, Galperin’s main support comes from labor unions.  He also has some companies, organizations, elected officials’ PACs, and individuals.


Glazer for Controller Committee

Raised – $536,200

Spent – $418,432 

Cash on hand – $189,150 

Glazer has four different active political committees all with available funds.  His Glazer for Senate 2020 committee did not raise any funds this cycle, but still has $1.7 cash on hand.  Glazer’s donors are a variety of companies, PACs, along with individuals.


Yvonne Yiu for State Controller Committee

Raised – $187,864

Spent – $474,615 

Cash on hand – $944,954

In 2021, Yui loaned her campaign $1.5 million.  Her donors are mostly individuals and companies.  

*$8,100 is the maximum donation amount for the State Controller’s race except Small Contributor Committees can give $16,000.  What is a Small Contributor Committee?  That answer will have to wait for another Peek.  

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