$$$ – Campaign Finance Reports Are the Best Read in Town – Attorney General Edition

Last week, we enjoyed reviewing the finance reports for Gubernatorial and Controller candidates.  In this peek, we are looking at the Attorney General’s race, which is not only contested, but gives Peekers some added information for the question of whether a No Party Preference (NPP) candidate can snag a spot in the General Election.  Or, will November be a Rep vs Dem race…we know how those normally turn out.  

Former Republican Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert is running for Attorney General as an NPP.  The leading Democrat is appointed incumbent Rob BontaNathan Hochman has the California Republican Party’s endorsementEric Early is another Republican candidate, but his campaign funds are very limited.

Although Bonta has far more cash on hand than his opponents, four Independent Expenditure committees are spending big to support him.  As of yesterday, those IEs totaled $368,514. So far, one IE committee has spent $1,318 in support of Schubert.

The numbers below represent data from the latest campaign finance reporting period: 1/1/22 – 4/23/22.  

Rob Bonta for CA Attorney General 2022

Contributions – $1,111,141

Expenditures – $628,975

Cash on Hand – $5,698,142

Donations are mostly from labor unions and individuals.  Bonta has many donors who maxed out to both his primary and general election committees, so not all of his funds are available to be spent in the primary.  Bonta’s cash on hand reflects over $2 million transferred last year from his Assembly campaign committee.

Most of the expenditures were for campaign consultants, fundraising, and polling.  Although this report only includes information from January 1 – April 23, 2022, the campaign has spent $579,000 on campaign consultants in the last two years.  That does not include the expenditures for fundraising consultants, compliance, or polling.

Early for California Attorney General 2022

Contributions – $145,542

Expenditures – $227,034

Cash on Hand – $88,436

Early’s expenditures are mostly for signs and radio advertisements. Donors are mostly individuals.  Early loaned his campaign $80,000

Hochman For Attorney General 2022

Contributions – $435,582

Expenditures – $923,163

Cash on Hand – $457,910

Most of Hochman’s donors are individuals, many of whom donated the maximum amount to his primary and general election committees, so, like Bonta, some of his cash on hand is not available to be spent on primary campaign activities.  Most of his expenditures are for statewide mailers.

Schubert for Attorney General 2022

Contributions – $545,957

Expenditures – $643,772

Cash on Hand – $1,152,786

Schubert’s expenditures are mostly for digital advertising, polling, and consultants.  Donations are from a variety of sources including law enforcement organizations, individuals, and companies.  She also has some donors who maxed out for the primary and general elections.

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