Ballots Are Dropping – Let the Games Begin!

As of Monday, ballots across California started to drop for the June 7 primary.  New rules now have all registered voters in California receiving ballots by mail (not just those who are permanent absentee voters), thereby creating an extended GOTV period.  For voters, this may present an at-home convenience, while for campaigns and campaign staff, it means a long and exhaustive GOVT effort culminating in a barrage of mailers, telephone calls, text messages, television commercials, radio spots, and social media buys intended to secure the votes needed to make the top two and move on to the November general election.

Just as a reminder, May 23 marks the last day to register to vote either by mail or online.  You may also vote conditionally anywhere ballots are cast on or before June 7.  To vote prior to June 7th, you may mail your ballot back, drop it off at a polling center or official drop box.  And if you’re feeling nostalgic, you can always stop by your polling location on June 7 and drop off your ballot in person.  If you have trouble finding a voting location or need additional information, contact your county’s registrar of voters.  No matter how you do it, all that counts is that you vote!

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