Doh!! Rep candidate Lanhee Chen gets LA Times Endorsement

The Los Angeles Times rolled out one of their first endorsements for the June primary – this one for State Controller.  Perhaps a surprise to many – especially current L.A. City Controller Ron Galperin’s campaign – the Los Angeles Times endorsed Republican candidate Lanhee Chen.  The Times felt that his excessive resume in government, politics, academia, and business (and it is quite lengthy) would serve California best as an independent watchdog, bringing balance to a left leaning legislature.  

The real question that’s being discussed around the water cooler is what does this mean for the other candidates?  Will some Angelenos vote “R” on this race?  How does this impact Galperin’s assumed hold on the LA area?  And does this create an opportunity in SoCal for other rivals State Board of Equalization member Malia Cohen and State Senator Steve Glazer, who are better known in the Bay Area?  Monterey Park Mayor Yvonne Yiu is also a credible candidate, making for a crowded field and giving voters lots of options.  Calpeek wrote on this race early on as it began to heat up and gives props to the Times for shaking things up.



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