School Board Bans Critical Race Theory

As reported by the Riverside Press-Enterprise, the teaching of critical race theory was banned in Temecula Valley Unified schools after a long meeting that drew hundreds Tuesday evening.  Led by a new conservative majority, the school board’s vote of 3-2 will prohibit such teachings.  However, as stated by trustee Allison Barclay who voted no on the resolution, “Critical race theory is not being taught in our schools. There is no need for the resolution. It silences history.”  

Critical Race Theory (CRT) involves examining the role of race in society and how racism has been historically embedded in institutions and policies.  

In addition to banning CRT, the board also proposed and passed a resolution condemning racism in the Temecula Valley Unified School District. 

Yes, it’s a bit of a head scratcher as it may sound good on the surface, but  with many resolutions, it’s what’s under the surface that matters. The three new trustees who were sworn into office Tuesday evening (Jennifer Wiersma, Joseph Komrosky, and Danny Gonzalez) were all endorsed by the conservative Inland Empire Family PAC, which said it planned to “take over” the Temecula Valley, Lake Elsinore, and Murrieta Valley school boards.  

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  1. This is a nationwide movement to hat really has nothing to do with our children’s education, Of course there us no need to anti CRT laws, since it’s never been taught. The claim is white folks may be embarrassed. It’s called history and yes it could bring up uncomfortable realities. But the real reason is votes. Ever since the Virginia governors race was decided by making parents angry, the MAGA strategy has been to try and duplicate this phenomenon in all elections in order to put their autocratic governing style in power. Hence the false charges that we groom children to be homosexual or “encourage them to change sex” ( direct quote from the Santa Clara Republican Party chair). All lies of course, but seen as a way to power by winning elections.As an educator we have always sought to involve parents as much as possible in their children’s education. This is because it has been proven to lead to the most successful outcomes. The charge that we want to eliminate parents from participation is just ludicrous.The claim that Merritt Harland has labeled all parents “domestic terrorists” is another of their ridiculous lies. Many board members have been threatened or physically attacked such as myself, by MAGA zealots believing these lies. The AG said they would look into specific attacks and FOX with MAGA radio twists this into “declaring all parents domestic terrorists”. Again all only to gain votes. These people have no real evidence of what they claim, just the Goebbels strategy. Lie, lie and then lie some more and soon the people will think it is true.

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