Quick Peeks

Here are some quick peeks on what’s happening in politics and government this week:



  • If Calpeek had a town crier, they could walk the streets shouting “the ballots have been counted, the ballots have been counted.”  That would be a fun way to announce that there are no more unprocessed ballots from the General Election in any county. Today, the Secretary of State is scheduled to certify the election.


  • Just hours after his Los Angeles City Council term came to an end, Gil Cedillo issued a good-bye letter on Monday entitled “Why I Did Not Resign”.  Cedillo disappeared from public view after the recordings of racists remarks involving him were released as he was “at a place of reflection” per his spokesperson (a phrase also used by Kevin De Leon in his recent CNN interview).  The 1,143-word document was sharply worded with undertones of anger and being treated unfairly.  Cedillo ended his letter by saying: “This modern version of McCarthyism is a danger to democracy, not a defense.  It’s ‘cancel culture’ at its worst, and this kid from Boyle Heights never resigned.”
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