Nothing is Worse Than a Super Close Election? Right?

To begin with, Calpeek gives a big shout out to all those involved in super close races.  Candidates, volunteers, supporters, staff, and voters all hope that the election will end shortly after the polls close.  Everyone looks forward to the end of long work hours, anxiety, drama, pizza dinners, phonebanks, and candidate forums.  We have even gotten used to waiting a few days for the final results, but absolutely no one wants to wait a month and then find out someone has called for a recount.  According to the Fresno Bee, that is what awaits SD 16.

Those standing around the water cooler want everyone involved in the State Senate District 16 election to know that we feel your pain.  We’ve experienced recounts and they are no bueno.  The race for California’s Central Valley senate district was between Democratic Senator Melissa Hurtado and Republican Rancher David Shepard.  The Secretary of State’s election results website shows Hurtado with a 20 vote lead out of 136,894 ballots cast.  

Hurtado was sworn into office on Saturday.  Tuesday, Shepard filed paperwork asking for a recount.  Senate Republican leaders are calling for a delay in Hurtado being sworn in.  County officials have yet to say how long a recount could take.  Just when the campaign team thought it was safe to take a vacation…

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