Kevin De Leon’s Holiday Blues

Disgraced Los Angeles Councilmember Kevin De Leon attracted attention recently with his brief return to City Council last Friday – his first appearance since the release of recordings with racist remarks were made public in mid-October.  His return, however, was short lived as shouting from protesters and supporters filled council chambers thereby forcing Council President Paul Krekorian to call for a recess.  When the council resumed, De Leon did not return. 

If that wasn’t enough, the trauma and drama continued that evening at a holiday gift giveaway event hosted by De Leon, in Lincoln Heights, when a fight between protesters and De Leon occurred.  As reported by the Los Angeles Times, activists showed up at the event and walked beside the councilman calling for him to resign.  A video posted by RootsAction shows protester Jason Reedy standing in front of De Leon holding his phone in De Leon’s face.  When De Leon reaches a door, Reedy is pushed out of the way.  That’s when things escalated with Reedy following De Leon into a back room and the two started pushing each other.  

However, according to the event’s DJ, Alan Ochoa, the posted video doesn’t give the full story.  Ochoa said that about 5 people walked into the holiday event shouting “you’re a racist” at De Leon.  When De Leon left the stage and tried to walk away, the group started “getting into his face”.  

The LAPD is currently investigating the situation.

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