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  • A big Calpeek thanks and congratulations to journalist Emily Hoeven who will be leaving CalMatters to join the S.F. Chronicle.  Without the hard work of professional journalists, Calpeek would be a group of people standing around the water cooler speculating on politics and government without any real knowledge.  


  • L.A. City residents who have been calling for Councilmember Kevin De Leon to resign have been loudly interrupting City Council meetings for weeks.  LAPD has been escorting many of the protestors out of chambers, so protesters have become more creative in their effort to thwart any business from being conducted.  Cow bells and whistling are frequently employed.  And now, mirrors have been used to reflect light into the eyes of councilmembers. 


  • Is the 2022 election season(s) over?  Well, like all things government and politics, the answer is “it depends”.  As far as Calpeek is aware, there are no more elections scheduled, however some races may face legal challenges or recounts such as Senate District 16 where, according to KVPR, Democratic incumbent Senator Melissa Hurtado leads Republican challenger David Shepard by 24 votes.  The California Secretary of State will certify results on December 16.  
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