Satan Club Comes to California Elementary Students

Golden Hills Elementary School, located in Kern County’s Tehachapi, has a new after-school club that’s drawing a lot of outrage; it’s called the After School Satan Club. According to a story in the Washington Post, the After School Satan Club is designed to spur debate on religious activity in public schools. It is organized by the Satanic Temple whose mission is “…To Encourage Benevolence And Empathy, Reject Tyrannical Authority, Advocate Practical Common Sense, Oppose Injustice, And Undertake Noble Pursuits.”

The club is a push-back by the Satanic Temple to the 2001 United States Supreme Court ruling in favor of the Good News Club – a Christian organization allowed to use public school resources.  According to a volunteer for the After School Satan Club, the Satanic Temple is not like The Church of Satan because the Satanic Temple are not devil worshippers.

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