Quick Peeks

Here are some quick peeks on what’s happening in politics and government this week:

  • We have a transcript!  Calpeek gives a shout out to the staff at the L.A. Times for providing us with a written transcript along with annotations. For the last few weeks, we have only been able to listen to the now infamous leaked recording where leaders were heard making racist and demeaning comments. 


  • On Tuesday, the California Energy Commission held a hearing to look into the recent spike in the price of gasoline in California. None of the five big gas companies (aka oil refiners) showed up, so it was an unproductive meeting, to say the least.  Politico referred to it as “Bickering over gas prices.”  However, the behind the scene details are not dull and perfect for a Political Science 101 class looking at power, money, government, and politics.


  • The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that the number of arrests brought before D.A. Brooke Jenkins is up when compared to those brought before Chesa Boudin.  According to the Chronicle, police have brought 20% more cases before the new D.A. for prosecution.  The Chronicle compared data from the last four months of Boudin’s term to the first four months of Jenkins.  At this point, all the data really shows is the perceived shift between the two D.A.s on their stance on crime.
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