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At least nine state legislative races are still too close to call.  The Democrats will still control both state houses, but the final winners could impact the dynamics.  Here are links to the results for the state legislative races that are all too close to call.  You can use these links for the next few days (hopefully not weeks) to watch how your favorite candidates are doing.  The Secretary of State’s website also has a page listing races that are within a 2% margin and it includes Congressional races. 

Assembly District 7

Ken Cooley (D) – 50.3% vs Josh Hoover (R) – 49.7%

Assembly District 27

Esmeralda Soria (D) – 50.2% vs Mark Nicholas Pazin (R) – 49.8%

Assembly District 67

Sharon Quirk-Silva (D) – 50.2% vs Soo Yoo (R) – 49.8%

Assembly District 71

Matt Rahn (R) – 49.5% vs Kate Sanchez (R) – 50.5%

Assembly District 76

Brian Maienschein (D) – 49.6% vs Kristie Bruce-Lane (R) – 50.4%

Senate District 4

Marie Alvarado-Gil (D) – 51.7% vs Tim Robertson (D) – 48.3%

Senate District 8

Angelique Ashby (D) – 52.0% vs Dave Jones (D) 48.0%

Senate District 10

Lily Mei (D) – 50.6% vs Aisha Wahab (D) – 49.4%

Senate District 38

Catherine Blakespear (D) – 50.3% vs Matt Gunderson (R) – 49.7%

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