SEIU CA Tries to Deliver Whopper of a Blow to Fast Food Industry

As shared by CalPeek, this past legislative cycle resulted in Governor Gavin Newsom signing AB 275 into law, which would establish a 10-member Fast Food Council that would set minimum standards for wages, hours and workplace conditions.  All of which could result in a new $22 an hour minimum wage for fast-food workers by the end of next year.  The International Franchise Association (IFA) and National Restaurant Association quickly filed a referendum seeking to overturn the law. Qualifying the referendum by collecting the 623,000 required signatures by December 5 would suspend the law until voters could weigh in.  Now, SEIU California, has asked Attorney General Rob Bonta and Secretary of State Shirley Weber to look into the tactics being used by the fast-food industry to collect signatures.  SEIU California is claiming that signature gatherers are misleading those signing the petitions by positioning their signature as raising fast-food worker wages.  The fast-food industry says it collected nearly a million signatures so far and dismisses the claims as being frivolous.  However, fast-food workers are planning to strike across the state on November 15 in protest to the alleged signature gathering tactics.

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