Super Fancy New Storage Facility + Waterslide

Sometimes people do the right thing, but the optics make the decision appear questionable.  Today’s questionable optic moment comes to us from the California Correctional Peace Officers Association.  Calpeek has not vetted the details, but we read the Sacramento Bee article that includes plenty of details about CCPOA’s new $2.3 million storage facility.  

The storage facility is on the same Elk Grove property with a 4,975 square foot, 4-bedroom house, swimming pool (with waterslide), stables, sheds, olive and pistachio trees, and two large warehouses.  Another problem with the optics is the property was bought in February, but, according to the Bee, “many of the union’s members learned of it Friday.”  

CCPOA President Glen Stailey told the Bee, via email, that the property is used for “warehouse space, for union-related functions, for political events, and for employee offsite training.”  He will also be living in the main house since his permanent residence is in Visalia.  Another union official stays in one of the warehouses since it includes a 2-bedroom apartment.

CCPOA says they used to lease storage space for $8,000 per month.  The new property’s warehouses include 7,500 square feet of storage.  According to Stailey, the union needs the space for event supplies including a wheeled barbecue, trailers, tables and chairs along with two trucks, a large van, a fork lift and boxes of records.  The warehouses will also include a “workshop space to make awards, plaques, and commemorative items for members who are being recognized for achievements,” Stailey said in the email. “It’s a labor of love.”

As Calpeek readers know, CCPOA is a very powerful union in California and the second largest representing state workers.  Financially, the union may be saving money by purchasing property that can be used for a variety of purposes, but the optics are not good.  Waterslide?

You can see the details of the 4,975 sqft home and property details on Zillow.

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