Show Me The Money (and who it’s from)!!

We’re only two months away from Christmas, but for some, the gifts of the political season are already being felt!  As reported by Politico’s California Playbook, the independent expenditures are spending big to help those they support cross the finish line on November 8.  According to Politico, roughly $17 million has been spent by I.E.s since September, with about a third of that being from last week alone.  Sure $17 million may pale in comparison to what some propositions are spending on their campaigns, but it can definitely help out those campaigns that need an added boost.  What’s perhaps more entertaining than who the recipients are, are the creative names of the committees and those behind the loot.  According to Politico, Coalition to Restore California’s Middle Class is funded by oil and has spent $5 million; Keeping Californians Working, which gets funding from Uber, big pharma, and others, has spent $1 million; Californians for Better Priorities is funded by the medical sector and has spent $825,000 on a single candidate, and California Labor and Business Alliance speaks to the strange bedfellows of politics as it is funded by real estate groups, unionized correctional officers, Chevron and PG&E, and has spent $650,000.  As we get closer to the election and more glossy mailers hit our mailboxes, there is no doubt that more money will be spent.

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