Quick Peeks 10/21/2022

Here are some quick updates on what’s happening in politics and government this week:

  • Los Angeles City Councilmember Kevin De Leon announced in an interview on KCBS Wednesday that he’s not stepping down from City Council.  De Leon, along with Coucilmember Gil Cedillo, Council President Nury Martinez and Los Angeles Federation of Labor leader Ron Herrera were all recorded making racist comments during a meeting to discuss redistricting.  As a result of the leaked recordings, Martinez and Herrera have resigned from their posts with continued calls being made for De Leon and Cedillo to do the same.  


  • While we’re on this topic, Peekers have been talking around the watercooler and want to know where the transcripts of the recordings are?  Also, do we know who recorded the conversations and released them?  Why did the recorder hold on to the recorded conversations for a year and choose to release them now?  And finally, are there more?  If so, are other council members getting nervous?  Reach out at ContactUs@Calpeek.com, if you have answers to any of the above.  


  • The League of Women Voters of Greater Los Angeles hosted a forum for candidates running in State Senate District 20.  When asked for closing remarks, one candidate had an unusual statement – voters should support him because when he was 8 years old, he convinced his mother to let him have a dog.   Watch the 48 second statement.  The candidate is Businessman Daniel Hertzberg son of Senator Bob Hertzberg who is termed out of the Senate District.  His opponent is Non-Profit Program Director Caroline Menjivar.

  • Want to see how many ballots have been returned every day in every district in California?  Then check out Political Data Inc.’s 2022 General Ballot Tracker.  The landing page shows you the statewide returns broken down by some demographics.  You can click on the “select for filters” button to search by district.    

An article in Campaigns & Elections is warning of a media ad price spike heading into the last few days of the campaign season.  There seems to be a lot of late money arriving in campaign bank accounts and consultants are scrambling to spend it.  In addition to traditional TV and cable advertising, campaigns can purchase ads for online (internet) TV shows and streaming services.  The new technology gives consultants some opportunities to do better message targeting to specific voters than buying broadcast TV ads.  

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