Survey Says: Don’t Bet on Propositions 26 & 27

Obviously, there is money to be made in California with online sports betting.  According to finance reports, the four campaigns supporting and opposing Propositions 26 and 27, which will be brought before voters on November 8, have already spent over $440 million in an attempt to sway voters.  But with the barrage of confusing ads and editorials against both, are these propositions a losing bet?  A poll conducted by Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies and the Los Angeles Times is showing that money may not be enough to bring either of these measures out on top.  According to the poll, Proposition 27 (which is funded by large gaming companies) was supported by 27% of likely voters with 53% opposing it.  Proposition 26 (which is funded by an alliance of Native American tribes) was supported by 31% with 42% saying “no”.  The poll also showed that the banning of certain tobacco products (Proposition 31) has the support of 57% of likely voters, but the new millionaires tax to fund electric car programs (Proposition 30) has a tighter margin of support at 49%.

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