Quick Peeks 10/6/2022

Here are some quick updates on what’s happening in politics and government this week:

  • A couple of shout-outs for making the campaign trail more entertaining.  To the SF League of Pissed Off Voters organization for getting straight to the point.  And to Eddyfunn Ikemfuna, candidate for Hawthorne City Council, for adding fun to politics – anyone with the word “fun” in their first and last names makes us happy.


  • “Sacramento makes top 10 list for best US foodie scenes,” declared the Sacramento Bee headline.  Those around the water cooler were intrigued by the headline, because, well, it’s Sacramento.  The headline is correct and you can read more about it at Wallethub.com.  


  • A campaign with free flowing wine?  Calpeek’s invitation was lost in the mail, so we cannot confirm that the wine was actually free flowing.  According to LA Magazine, the campaign of L.A. Mayoral candidate Rick Caruso hosted a party for staff and volunteers where the wine flowed freely.  Most campaigns provide their volunteers with pizza and donuts, but things are different when the candidate spends $62 million (so far).  The story is actually about three “MAGA Deplorables” who attended the event because they worked for one of the campaign’s subcontractors.  It caused a stir. 


  • The ballots are coming!  The ballots are coming!    The L.A. County Registrar of Voters’ office has announced they are beginning to mail ballots.  They should all be in the mail by Monday.  Other counties are on a similar schedule.  
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