President Biden weighs in on Farm Worker Bill

AB 2183, the bill that would change the rules on how farm workers organize, got a bump from President Biden…or should we say Dark Brandon (the so-called fiery online alter ego).  As Governor Newsom has pushed back on the bill supported by the United Farm Workers, “Brandon” put out a four-paragraph statement on Sunday saying “In a state with the largest population of farmworkers, the least we owe them is an easier path to make a free and fair choice to organize a union….Government should work to remove – not erect – barriers to workers organizing.”  The Governor has threatened to veto the bill due to what he says are flaws and creating too much leeway for the union.  Now, the President’s support for the bill – which was echoed by Vice President Harris – puts the Governor in a bit of a sticky situation.  Priding himself on being the Democrat holding others accountable through his recent media buys in Florida and Texas and visits to D.C., the Governor’s veto on this bill could call that progressive posturing into question.  

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