How Old is Too Old to Be Sent Back to Kindergarten?

How old is too old to be sent back to kindergarten?  Some Fresno city leaders appear to need a refresher class in how to be polite, respectful, and to tell the truth.  Or, maybe it is just time for some investigations by independent law enforcement agencies.

Calpeek appreciates the information, provided by a concerned citizen, who filed a complaint with the Fresno Public Integrity Unit.  Although Calpeek does not have the resources to confirm the allegations, the Fresno Bee’s reporting backs up much of what is included in the complaint.

The Bee’s headline alone indicates some of Fresno’s leadership flunked kindergarten: “Mayor tells Fresno councilmember to ‘f— off,’ but denies threats while making apology.”  Mayor Jerry Dyer confirmed the conversation through a spokesperson but denied using an expletive.  Councilmember Garry Bredefeld described the conversation as “disturbing”.  The Mayor allegedly suggested he and the Councilmember meet in an alley so the Mayor could beat him up.  The Mayor’s spokesperson denied these allegations as well.

There is apparently a lot of name calling and accusations flying around city hall.  Bredefeld refers to four of his colleagues as the “corrupt gang of four” and in response Bredefeld is called “Councilmember Chicken Little.”  

Calpeek has previously discussed the charges filed against Fresno City Council President Nelson Esparza for allegedly threatening the former City Attorney’s job.  In addition to the District Attorney filing felony charges, there was more name calling including a reference to the City Attorney as a “puissant millennial.”   

The concerned citizen, who contacted Calpeek, also reminds us that the current District Attorney has received campaign donations and support from some of the elected officials she may be investigating.  

Calpeek encourages all Peekers to subscribe to local news, like the Fresno Bee, so investigative journalists will have the resources needed to uncover what is going on in a swamp.

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