Chesa Boudin – do you take butter with your popcorn?

Chesa Boudin, who served as San Francisco’s District Attorney and was defeated in recent recall efforts, must be popping popcorn and finding a comfortable seat to watch the controversy unfurl around newly appointed S.F. D.A. Brooke Jenkins..  As reported in The San Francisco Standard, it seems that there are a few more non-profits with ties to the Boudin recall who were paying her as she was “volunteering” as a spokesperson for the recall effort.  According to the article, Jenkins was paid $153,000 by Neighbors for a Better San Francisco and more than $10,000 each from two other nonprofits: Sister’s Circle Women Support Network and GlobalSF.  Now how are these two organizations related to the recall effort you ask?  Good question.  That would be longtime local political strategist Mary Jung – who served as Jenkin’s boss on paper for both her paid work at Neighbors for a Better San Francisco as well as her “volunteer” work on the recall at Neighbors for a Better San Francisco Advocacy.  Jung is registered as the CEO of Sister’s Circle and longtime associate of Darlene Chiu-Bryant, the executive director of GlobalSF.  If you’re thinking a flow chart would be helpful to map out the web that seems to have been woven, we would agree.  But one thing’s for sure, Jenkin’s efforts to put all of this behind her have not worked, as it’s already becoming fodder for those planning to run against her this fall. 

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