Quick Peeks 08/19/2022

Here are some updates on what’s happening in politics and government this week:

  • Megaflood has overtaken monkeypox, murder hornets, and covid in Californians’ daily anxiety attacks.   The megaflood story deserves much more than a mention in “Quick Peeks”, but it is so concerning that we encourage everyone to read the detailed information by journalists and scientists.

  • Longtime labor leader, Democratic Party stalwart, former State Assemblymember, former State Senator, and current L.A. City Councilmember Gil Cedillo lost his re-election bid in June, so now he needs a new job.  That might explain why he has endorsed billionaire developer Rick Caruso for Mayor.

  • The FBI came knocking, but this time it was in Fresno and the arrestee was former 1-term, Democratic Congressman T.J. Cox.  On Tuesday, Cox was charged with fraud and money laundering, some of which occurred before he was elected to Congress.

  • We have a registration conundrum in Riverside County.  Everyone around the water cooler thought candidates for state and local office need to be registered to vote in the district in which they are running.  Republican candidate for State Assembly District 63 Bill Essayli has challenged that by registering to vote in Orange County before he re-registers in Riverside County.  Election officials, including the Secretary of State’s office, are looking into his eligibility.  More details are available in the Press-Enterprise story.

  • Did you win the random alphabet drawing?  It is similar to winning the lottery, except for all the money and early retirement.  In an effort to make who gets listed on the ballot fair, the Secretary of State picks the letters in the alphabet randomly in order to determine the “…placement of candidates’ names on the ballot.”  This year, candidates with the letters Y, I, D, A will be listed first.  Here is the full list.  

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