S.F.’s New D.A. Made $100k From Org Linked to Boudin Recall

San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins signed paperwork on Monday at the Department of Elections declaring her official bid to keep her newly appointed position when it comes up for vote this November.  While the declaration came with fanfare by some, it’s not without controversy.  The day after her filing, the San Francisco Standard ran a story calling into question claims Jenkins made about her “volunteer” activities to dethrone her former boss, Chesa Boudin.  According to newly filed ethics records, Jenkins made $100,000 as a consultant for Neighbors for a Better San Francisco – a 501c3 that shares the same address and similar name as Neighbors for a Better San Francisco Advocacy – the 501c4 organization that led the Boudin recall effort.  While legally separate, both are registered at the same address of a law firm in San Rafael.  Of the two, only the 501c4 can be involved in political activities.  Boudin’s former communications director, Rachel Marshall, told the San Francisco Chronicle that San Franciscans should “feel outraged that Brooke Jenkins intentionally misled them.”  Marshall went on to say that the behavior of Jenkins “reeks of dishonesty, a lack of transparency, and corruption.”

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