Chaos in Los Angeles City Hall

Want to see the latest example of a government in chaos?  Search the internet for “chaos at L.A. City Hall”.  Apparently, most news outlets used hyperbole to describe Tuesday’s Council meeting.  Maybe chaos is a good description since most L.A. City Council meetings involve limited public comment while much of the time is spent with Councilmembers giving out proclamations, awards, and accolades.  

Tuesday’s meeting included a vote that would ban homeless encampments in specified locations.  Before the vote was taken, angry members of the public shouted and booed the council members.  One person, who spoke during public comment, used expletives and then climbed over a bench separating the public from the councilmembers.  Police in riot gear immediately filled the room and arrested a member of the public.  

Council President Nury Martinez recessed the meeting, LAPD declared an unlawful assembly,  and the room was cleared.  Councilmembers likened the unruly crowd to the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.  In response, Co-Founder of the organization the People’s City Council, Sabrina Johnson said “It’s not like we’re storming the building. We’re going through security. We’re going through the proper channels,” Johnson said. “This is our only opportunity to give them feedback because they don’t answer phone calls and messages to their office,” according to a story in the L.A. Times.

The vote on the ordinance passed 11-3.  

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