To Be Speaker or Not to Be Speaker, That is a Good Question

California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon has made it clear that he is not leaving the Speaker’s office this session.  On August 2, Rendon told KCRA “I was elected for Speaker for this term, and this is not my last month.”  Nearly three months ago, Assemblymember Robert Rivas announced he had enough support from the members of the Assembly Democratic Caucus to be elected Speaker.  Rendon confirmed that Rivas had the votes.  What remains unclear is when the Caucus might convene to elect a new speaker.    

In May, Calpeek announced the breaking news, but since Rivas announced he had the votes, the news on the Speakership has been quiet.   The Legislative term ends on August 31, but Rendon is up for re-election in November and is expected to win two more years in office before term limits show him the door.  Will he try to stay in power?  Will Rivas continue to hold his supporters as the months pass?  Will someone else try to pull together the needed votes? Veteran journalist George Skelton asked these questions back in June.  We are still waiting for answers.  

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