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The latest set of campaign finance reports is available for your summer reading enjoyment.  Calpeek took a peek at the statewide candidates – below is a list of the candidates and the amounts they have in the bank (aka Cash on Hand) as of June 30, 2022.  

We all know enough to know that money isn’t everything in campaigns, but it does play a major role.  Based on the amounts, it’s safe to say that some incumbents will be extending their summer vacation.  Others will be dialing for dollars.  

Highlights include: the incumbent Governor has almost $24 million.  The Secretary of State challenger has $102.  Candidate for the open State Controller’s seat, Malia Cohen, has $2 million less than her opponent, Lahnee Chen.  Those numbers do not look good for Cohen, but she did have a contested primary and Chen did not.  Based on some of the large amounts of Cash on Hand, an important question might be: what are the rules for transferring the funds to a 2026 Gubernatorial campaign committee? 

Ending Cash as of 6/30/22:

Dahle for Governor 2022 – $307,406

Newsom for California Governor 2022 – $23,956,375

Kounalakis for Lieutenant Governor 2022 – $3,715,423

Underwood Jacobs for Lieutenant Governor 2022 – $10,434

Bernosky for Secretary of State 2022 – $102

Weber for Secretary of State 2022 – $853,697

Chen for Controller 2022 – $2,261,375

Cohen for Controller 2022 – $200,644

Guerrero for Treasurer 2022 – $1,360

Ma for Controller 2022 – $2,802,616

Bonta for CA Attorney General 2022 – $1,731,367

Hochman for Attorney General 2022 – $399,761

Christensen for Superintendent of Public Instruction 2022– $1,643

Thurmond for Superintendent of Public Instruction 2022 – $213,634

Howell for Insurance Commissioner 2022 – $0*

Lara for Insurance Commissioner 2022 – $238,002

*(on 7/31/22, Howell’s campaign loaned his campaign $50,000 – there may have been an error in filling out the Late Contribution Report)

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