How Do You Say Happy Anniversary Mayor Garcetti in Hindi?

President Biden announced his nomination of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to serve as the Ambassador to India over a year ago (how time flies).  With that we want to wish the Mayor a very happy anniversary.  

Unfortunately for Garcetti, he remains trapped in Los Angeles unable to break the beltway gridlock that has held his nomination from being confirmed.  But it’s not been without effort.  As reported by the L.A. Times, the Mayor made a pilgrimage to the nation’s capital last week to take meetings on transportation, COVID, and the Summit of the Americas…but also found time to garner the “full support” from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus for the post (even though most of the members have no vote on the matter).  According to the L.A. Times he was also spotted with Breelyn Pete – former deputy mayor and now  lobbyist for the firm hired by Garcetti’s parents, Gil and Sukey, to gather more “yays” than “nays” on the nomination.  With the Senate starting its summer recess next week, Garcetti will have to wait until September to see if his efforts are paying off and if he’ll soon be able to put his Hindi language skills to use.

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