Gavin Calls on Hollywood to “Walk the Walk”

Gavin strikes again!  Governor Gavin Newsom’s ongoing media buys, which started with a 30 second television spot in Florida attacking Governor Ron DeSantis and then a newspaper buy in Texas going after Governor Greg Abbott for their positions on guns, civil rights, education, and abortion, are now focused on home.  This week, the Governor ran an ad in the entertainment biz’s Variety urging the industry to bring its work back to California where we are fighting for a woman’s right to choose and calling on the industry to “walk the walk”. The political ad comes on the heels of Hollywood influencers such as Shonda Rhimes and Ava DuVernay sending letters of concern to studios (including Disney and Netflix) asking how they would support pregnant workers working in states with limited abortion rights.  In a statement, Governor Newsom refers to California as the “freedom state” and calls out states such as Georgia where abortion rights are restricted and where the entertainment industry does production.  

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