Deadlines Matter – Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Get Your Propositions on the Ballot

The General Election ballot includes 7 statewide propositions.  Californians are used to voting on propositions.  Some years have included many more than 7 to ponder.  This year there could have been 10, but 3 propositions did not meet the Secretary of State’s deadlines to qualify in time to be placed on the 2022 ballot.  You may, or may not, see them in 2024.

The proponents of the propositions related to funding efforts to fight pandemics, to prevent employees from filing lawsuits related to labor law violations, and to raise the minimum wage, were understandably disappointed. 

One proponent, Joe Sanberg, sued the Secretary of State to get the minimum wage proposition on the 2022 ballot.  Sanberg’s team collected enough signatures to qualify the proposition, but the counties did not finish validating signatures until after the deadline to get it placed on the 2022 ballot.  The judge in the case sided with the Secretary of State’s office saying that the proponents should have turned the signatures in earlier if they wanted to guarantee placement on the 2022 ballot. 

Calpeek loves ballot propositions and believes the more the merrier, but we also believe in deadlines.  If proponents find the qualification process complicated, we are happy to recommend campaign consultants to help them through the process. 

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