All Eyes on Gavin’s Swing

It’s hard to keep up with Governor Gavin Newsom during the legislative recess.  As Calpeek shared a few weeks back, the Governor took an unexpected swing at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis with a television ad, which ran on July 4, telling Floridians that their freedoms were under attack.   Since then, the Governor has continued his attacks on the far right which continues to raise speculation of his future political desires.  Last week, the Governor ran full-page ads in three Texas newspapers that jabbed at Governor Greg Abbott, comparing California and Texas when it comes to abortion and gun control.  But it doesn’t end there.  On Wednesday, the Western States Petroleum Association started to run its own ads in Florida attacking Newsom’s stance on fossil fuels.  In its ads, the Association stated that Californians pay $1.65 more for a gallon of gas than Floridians and that electricity rates are twice as high.  The ad closes by saying that “California can’t afford Gavin Newsom’s ambition.  Can Florida?” 

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