More Speculation on Newsom’s Political Future

Governor Gavin Newsom has been making quite a splash the past few weeks in the press.  From his family vacation in Montana to his attack ad on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the headlines keep rolling in.  And he hasn’t slowed down nor has the speculation on what his political desires may be.  This week, Newsom took on the Republican Party, along with his own, in Washington, D.C. when accepting an education innovation award from the Education Commission of the States on behalf of California.  In his acceptance speech, he took the opportunity to blast red states for their attempts to ban books, pass anti-gay policies (“don’t say gay”), and limit education about race in public schools.  

Meanwhile, as reported by the Washington Post, he’s said to be filling a void felt by Democrats who want a more offensive strategy while continuing to back President Biden for a second term.  Is Newsom testing the waters for a Presidential run down the road?  Possibly in 2024?  That’s the question being asked around the watercooler. 

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