November’s Ballot Measures Get Numbered

It’s that time of the election cycle, when Secretary of State Shirley Weber gets to assign numbers to the various ballot measures that will appear on the November ballot.  Unlike previous years when voters had to sift through several measures, this year’s crop of statewide measures looks to be lighter.  However, don’t let the small number deceive you as there is a lot at stake and a lot of money to be spent.  Here are the numbers and what the propositions would do, if approved by the voters:

Proposition 1:  Ensures the right to abortion and contraception as part of the California constitution.  

Proposition 26:  Allows for in-person sports betting at Native American casinos and designated horse racing tracks.  

Proposition 27: Legalizes online sports betting offered by sports betting companies who partner with Native American tribes.

Proposition 28: Requires the state to set-aside money to fund arts and music education for public schools.

Proposition 29: Increases regulations for kidney dialysis clinics.  This is the third time this proposition has appeared on the ballot

Proposition 30: Increases taxes on millionaires to fund greenhouse gas reducing initiatives.

Proposition 31: Overturns California’s ban on the sale of flavored tobacco. 

Calpeek will be diving deep into each of these measures, along with their supporters and funders, as the election moves forward.

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