Expect Gas Pains and Bloating Through the Summer

We could try to blame our gas pains on one too many hot dogs during those family summer cookouts. However, we know the discomfort is being caused by bloated prices at the pumps.  And come July 1, those prices will go up nearly 3 cents per gallon due to a scheduled increase in our state’s fuel excise tax.  In total, the additional 3 cents will bring taxes up to 53.9 cents per gallon.  But hey, what’s an extra few cents when prices on average are $6.37 a gallon (up $2 since this time last year)?  

To help tackle the issue, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon announced on Monday the formation of the Assembly Select Committee on Gasoline Supply and Pricing.  The Speaker said that the Committee, led by Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin, will be looking into the gas price gouging that has inflated prices at a rate equivalent to 100% per year and will aim to answer two basic questions: First, why are we paying so much for gas?  And two, how can we stop it?  – questions Calpeek readers have been asking for months. 

Meanwhile, as President Biden is proposing a suspension of the federal gas tax through September, a group of moderate Democrats and one Independent sent a letter to Governor Newsom, Speaker Rendon, and Pro Tem Atkins asking that the state’s gas excise tax be suspended for one year.  However, the Big 3 believe that rather than suspending the tax, rebates are the best way to help Californians deal with the high petrol prices.  But as we’ve shared before, that doesn’t mean the Big 3 are on the same page, as the Governor has a different idea from the Speaker and Pro Tem on what rebates should look like.  Don’t fret, according to the Speaker, when it comes to residents getting financial relief, there will “certainly be something before October.”  Is it safe to assume he’s referring to October 2022…just before the November elections?

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