Election Night Dos and Don’ts

Calpeek loves a good campaign victory party.  Despite the name, we want to remind everyone that it is not a victory until, at least some, of the ballots are counted.  Enjoy and celebrate, but remember the basics:

Do – wear proper attire for the situation.  If you were walking precincts, make sure your clothes and shoes look like you pounded pavement for hours.  

Don’t – look too dressed up.  You don’t want the candidate, volunteers, staff, and supporters to think that you were getting your hair done while they were pulling out the last few votes.  

Don’t – show up to the victory party before 8:15 pm.  Polls close at 8:00 pm and voter contact activities go until 7:59 pm.  

Do – arrange for a ride home, if you will be drinking.

Do – show up at the victory party, if you have volunteered, donated, or supported the campaign in some way.  Hopefully, you will enjoy a well-earned victory.

Don’t – show up at the victory party, if you have done nothing to support the campaign but want to now be with a winner.

Do – bring food or drinks to the victory party.  Even if the campaign has refreshments, it is usually a late night.

Don’t – show up at your opponents’ party, if you are the winner. No one likes people who gloat.

Do – show up at your opponents’ victory party, if you are the loser and want to congratulate the victor in person.

We will end this list with a shout-out to a candidate who did show up at his opponent’s victory party to congratulate her.  Congressmember Adam Schiff was one of many candidates in a special election for State Assembly in 1991.  He did not prevail, but he showed impressive goodwill when he arrived to congratulate Barbara Friedman on her win.

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