Brown is the New Green with Water In Short Supply

As we now say in California, the grass is always browner on the other side!  On Wednesday, more than 6 million Southern Californians woke up to new water use restrictions.  Just like COVID protocols that confused us all, water restrictions also vary by where you live.  As reported by CalMatters, those living in the City of Angeles will be limited to two brief waterings per week, while the wealthy of Calabasas will be restricted to just once per week.  Limitations also took effect across Santa Clara County.  Those with already drought-tolerant yards, or dirt yards, will see no impact.

Attempting to find the silver lining in all of this, it’s reported that due to the effects of the drought, farmers in the Central Valley are ripping up their orchards in exchange for agave plants to make tequila (we’re not joking).  So while our lawns may be thirsty, one day we’ll all be able to enjoy a refreshing margarita made from Central Valley tequila (just hold the ice).

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