Commentary by Tap Water – The Time Has Come to GoFund Garcetti’s Dreams of India

Commentary by Tap Water

The Time Has Come to GoFund Garcetti’s Dreams of India

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has had quite the challenge getting himself to India, so I’m here to help.  For those of us who have followed the ongoing drama, it’s the gift that just keeps giving.  It feels like years ago that Mayor Garcetti thought he would be able to leave the issues plaguing Los Angeles far behind for a life of Ambassadorship.  But what appeared to be a guaranteed trip abroad soon hit turbulence, as troubles arose when he claimed to have no knowledge of accusations of inappropriate behavior by his trusted aide and good friend.  The city even spent more than $100,000 for a report to put Mayor Garcetti’s reputation back on solid ground.  But that hasn’t worked out too well.  So, what happens when one is in trouble?   In this case, mom and dad come to the rescue.  In the latest turn of unbelievable Kardashian-like events, we find out that former L.A. County District Attorney Gil Garcetti and his wife have hired a lobbyist to help their son overcome the obstacles of his confirmation and get to India.  It appears that even they want their son to move.  

As a proud Angeleno, I’m saddened by Mayor Garcetti’s lack of love for our city and his eagerness to leave it all behind.  I have to wonder if our city would be cleaner and safer if the Mayor had spent as much time focused on addressing the issues confronting us as he has attempting to escape them for his own political gain?  It’s clear that Mayor Garcetti is willing (and desperately wanting) to jump ship – not finishing out his elected term in exchange for the Taj Mahal (which, according to Google Maps, appears to have no people who are homeless camped around its perimeter).  Yet, as disheartened as I may be, I am not one to ever stand in the way of another’s dream.  So I’m taking action to be part of the solution and not the problem.  

Since Mayor Garcetti’s attempts thus far have fallen short, I’m calling in the “fixer”.  That’s right.  To help him realize the life he’s in search of, and put this ongoing embarrassment of stories behind us all, I’ve established a GoFundMe page for a one-way coach ticket on Air India.  With Mayor Garcetti’s dreams just $1,174 away…who are we to deny him? Please give generously.

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