Recall-mania Needs Sex Therapy

Californians have recall-mania.  It is not like Beatlemania in any way.  And it’s not new, but it seems to be something disgruntled Californians are turning to more frequently. 

The California Secretary of State has a list of successful and attempted recalls of state elected officials going back to 1913.  There were not many in the first half of the last century, but then things got rocking.  Over 150 were attempted, yet most failed to qualify for the ballot.  Those that did qualify often did not succeed.  One well-known recall gave California a Terminator for a Governor.

Local elected officials are also getting recalled.  Just this past March, three members of the San Francisco School Board were recalled.  In Los Angeles, a group is collecting signatures to recall L.A. County District Attorney George Gascon.

What Peekers want to know is why the Gascon recall committee is using the office of a local sex therapist?  Anyone involved in politics could arguably use some therapy.  And, in Los Angeles, sex therapy is pretty normal.  What did seem strange is that the right-leaning (arguably Republican) effort would use the sex therapists’ office on the actual recall petition as the location to return the petitions.  

To be fair, there are many other locations where petitions can be dropped off – just try your local gun store, shooting range, liquor store, kosher market, bail bonds office, Guess store, or click here for a complete list.  

For the record, Calpeek supports therapy, sex, and recalls.  Maybe after this election, we will all benefit from a little therapy.

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