Updated Results – Women Take the Lead

Vote results changed in some special election races since April 5 and Calpeek has updated numbers.  If you have not checked the numbers in over a week, see below.  The lead in two races flipped, but none of the updated results changed which candidates will move to the runoff.  

Reminder – these are special elections to fill legislative vacancies.  Most of these candidates will also run in June and November in the newly drawn districts.  The April 5 candidates who move on to a runoff will also appear on the June ballot, but for the special election runoff, which in some cases is in a different numbered district.  That actually makes sense despite being very confusing. 

Calpeek called it!  Our very first election prediction turned out to be 100% correct. Suisun Mayor Lori Wilson was elected to fill the AD 11 vacancy.  Others were also so confident that Wilson would be the new Assemblymember, her swearing-in ceremony was held just hours after the polls closed.  Assemblymember Wilson’s overwhelming win means there will be no runoff election.

In Los Angeles’ AD 62, the race to replace former Assemblymember Autumn Burke isn’t a nailbiter because no matter the final results, Democrats Tina Simone McKinnor and Robert Pullen-Miles are headed to a June run-off.  As expected, the results changed as more ballots were counted.  On election night, Pullen-Miles led McKinnor by almost 2%.  As of today, McKinnor has pulled ahead by over 4% of the vote.  McKinnor has 38.99% of the vote to Pullen-Miles’ 34.65%.    

The race in San Diego’s AD 80, to replace former Assemblymember Lorena Gonzales, looks similar to the results in AD 62, with the two top vote getters advancing to the June run-off. Democrat David Alvarez was leading on election night, but now fellow Democrat Georgette Gómez has a slight lead.  Gomez has 38.16% to Alvarez’s 37.78%

In the Central Valley’s Congressional District 22, six candidates vied to replace former Congressmember Devin Nunes.  The top two vote getters were Republican Connie Conway with 28.73% of the vote and Democrat Lourin Hubbard with 22.17% of the vote. 

Congratulations to the winners and best of luck next time to those who did not advance to the run-off. 

*the election results may change slightly as remaining ballots are processed and counted


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