Yes, “Square Dance Caller” Is A Ballot Title Entertaining Ballot Titles Contest – 2022 Primary

Calpeek’s first online challenge has already caused uproarious laughter, squinted eyes, and some furrowed brows.  Not to mention, a few legal challenges. Please submit your favorite 2022 ballot title to


Conversation around the Water Cooler is more about the humor and creativity of some of the ballot titles used rather than who is (and isn’t) following the law with regards to acceptable ballot titles.  According to California law, a ballot title “must accurately state the candidate’s principal professions, vocations or occupations.” 


Here is the current list of notable ballot titles*.  Extra credit is given for creativity or honesty.  


Congressional District 17 candidate Joe Dehn’s ballot title is “Square Dance Caller”.


Congressional District 39 candidate Emmanuel Suarez’s ballot title is “Poolman/Caretaker”.


Assembly District 64 candidate Paul Ortiz’s ballot title is “Pest Control Manager”.  Sounds like great experience for the state legislature.


Senate District 22 candidate Kimo Wilder Mateo’s ballot title is “Father/Californian/Patriot”. (California Election Code, section 20716 states that “‘patriot’ is not an acceptable ballot designation”.  “Californian” is probably also unacceptable, but Calpeek is not allowed to provide legal advice.)


San Bernardino County Superior Court 27 candidate Jonathan Goldstein’s ballot title is “Equal Justice Attorney”.  Calpeek hopes our judicial system is not in such dire straits that candidates need to say they’re for equal justice in their ballot titles.


Riverside County District Attorney candidate Lara Gressley’s ballot title is “Constitutional Habeas Attorney”.  Calpeek likes mixing it up, but we remind candidates that most voters don’t speak Latin.


LA County Supervisor District 3 candidate Craig Brill’s ballot title is “Canine Recreational Provider”.  Calpeek approves of this title because we love dogs.  And cats.  


Congressional District 22 candidate Chris Mathys’ ballot title will be “Businessman/Rancher” which is less interesting than his original ballot title that was rejected: “Trump Conservative/Businessman”.  According to the Fresno Bee, “Mathys argued that he had the ‘right to self-identify as well as my right to choose a ballot designation that aligns with my principals without discrimination.’”


*Some of these ballot titles may have changed since they were originally filed.  


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