“Ambassador” Garcetti Watch 2022

The distance from Los Angeles to India seems to be getting farther and farther for L.A. City Mayor Eric Garcetti who was nominated for U.S. Ambassador eight months ago.  Last week, we shared as part of the ongoing “Ambassador Garcetti Watch 2022” that a number of U.S. Senators were wanting more information into whether or not the Mayor had knowledge of alleged sexual allegations against a top aide, prior to any confirmation.  Now, according to Axios, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s team doesn’t believe Garcetti has the votes needed within the caucus.  All of which could cause the Biden Administration to pull the nomination and seek another appointee.  Although White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki exuded confidence by the President in the nomination moving forward back in mid-March, for Garcetti the Taj Mahal restaurant in Encino may be as close as he gets.


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