Better Than Bridgerton

It’s hard to imagine anything being more hot and steamy than the second season of Bridgerton.  But this week, the Assembly Transportation Committee gave the Netflix series a run for its money as it heatedly discussed how best to ease Californian’s gas pains.  At the center of this week’s episode was Rocklin Republican Assemblymember Kevin Kiley’s bill to suspend the gas tax (AB 1638).  As reported by the Sacramento Bee, Kiley claimed in his opening comments that this issue should “not be a partisan issue”…but, fortunately for us Peekers, it is…because that’s what makes this better than Bridgerton.  Things heated up when Assemblymember Alex Lee (D- San Jose) introduced a motion to gut and amend the bill triggering Assemblymember Vince Fong (R-Bakersfield) to make a motion to table Lee’s motion.  Fong was defeated. That’s when it fell apart and tempers flared with Assemblymembers expressing their disgust with the process and how shocked, offended and appalled they were .  Perhaps the best quote came from Committee Chair Laura Friedman (D- Glendale) who responded to the uproar by saying: “I’m a little appalled and shocked that you all are appalled and shocked by this.”  *Calpeek must note that, unlike Bridgerton, Assemblymembers remained fully clothed during the dispute.

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