“Ambassador” Garcetti Watch 2022 – Welcome to India(na)?

Will L.A. Mayor Garcetti finally get to go to India?  Or will Indiana be as good as it gets?  That’s the question as his appointment to be named Ambassador Garcetti remains uncertain.  While Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) is the second U.S Senator to put a hold on the appointment, his chances of washing his hands of L.A.’s issues and changing his country code may be getting closer.  Garcetti Watch 2022 continued this week as a privately commissioned taxpayer funded report on the sexual assault allegations against a Garcetti aide was made public and found no evidence to support the accusations.  Needless to say, the findings did not please all as the integrity of the report was called into question by the plaintiff’s attorney Greg Smith.  Will Garcetti finally be able to enjoy authentic Indian food…or will he need to rely on Postmates?  Stay tuned…

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